Water Design

Water Design is a PC-based software tool sufficient for developing many aspects of water-pinch analysis and synthesis covered in Chaps. 1 to 7 of Industrial Water Reuse and Wastewater Minimization (Mann, J. G. and Y. A. Liu, McGraw-Hill, 1999).


  1. Download Water Design zip file (Right-click and "Save Target As...")
  2. Unzip waterdesign.zip using a program such as WinZip
  3. Double-click on Water Design.exe to run the program

You may need to install the Visual Basic 6 run-time files if you receive an error stating that COMDLG32.OCX or another file is missing when you try to run Water Design. The installation for these files is found on the Microsoft support webpage. Look for the link to download VBRun60.exe.

Included files:

  1. Water Design program file (Water Design.exe)
  2. Water Design user guide (Waterdesign.hlp)
  3. Solution files for Chemical Engineering article (2004)
    • wso_article_example.wdf
    • and xxpetrochemicals.wdf
  4. Other examples
    • Example2_1.wdf
    • Example2_2.wdf
    • Example3_1.wdf
    • Example5_2.wdf
    • Example5_4.wdf
    • Example5_5.wdf
    • PP2_1.wdf
    • PP3_3.wdf

Chemical Engineering article Example 1 solution:

Chemical Engineering article Figure 1a
Figure 1a. Constructing the concentration-composite curve (steps 1 and 2).

Chemical Engineering article Figure 1b
Figure 1b. Constructing the concentration-composite curve (step 3).

Figure 1c. Constructing the concentration-composite curve (step 4) and water-supply line.

Figure 1d. Water Design gives the concentration-composite curve (red) and apparent water-supply line (blue) for Example 1.

Figure 1e. Water Design displays an optimum water-using network. The blue lines represent freshwater. The green lines display water reuse. The red lines show effluent streams. The box display: (1) the operation specifications of water-using operation 2; (2) its reuse (water source) from other operations; and (3) its reuse (its effluent being reused) by other operations.

Figure 3a. Process changes to increase water reuse in Example 1.

Chemical Engineering article XX Petrochemicals solution:

Figure 6. Concentration-composite curve (red) and apparent water-supply line (blue) for XX Petrochemicals without flow rate changes.

Figure 7. Initial water-using network synthesized by Water Design for XX Petrochemicals without flow rate changes.